Zakynthos Airport Transfers

Ionian Transport is the largest passenger transport company of Zakynthos and one of the largest in Greece. It was established with the aim of providing high quality travel services, staffed with the appropriate knowledge in human resources, supported with the latest technology advancements.

The large number of satisfied partners - our customers and the continuous arrival of new clients, fills us with optimism for the future and make us increase our efforts for even better benefits for our customers, giving us confidence and peace of mind for a better future. Having a high priority on safety and customer service, we have invested in modern buses, control systems, technical support and systematic training of our staff.

Our name is now associated with the requirements of a modern and fully competitive international product, able to be compared with the most demanding criteria in global passenger transport.

At Ionian Transport we always try to increase our level of service to be top in all areas, the quality of the fleet and the reliability of the service, to the warmth and gracious hospitality of our bus’ crew.

With innovative and pioneering services, with traditional Greek hospitality with a passion to deliver even more, turning each itinerary in luxury travel, comfort and confidence.

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